I’m standing as a candidate for Left Alliance in the parliamentary election 2019. The issues that matter most to me are the following:

Equality from education

Children and young people should be supported throughout their educational paths, so that they all have equal opportunity to become adults with wellbeing, find employment and do well in life. Responsibility and participation in society are crucial educational goals.

More mental health support

We need enough mental health services that are easy and quick to access. Psychological well-being should be supported in education and working life.

Focus on people in the social and health services reform

Everyone is entitled to quality care and help throughout their lifespan. The necessary services should be available from a “single window”. Healthcare and social welfare services should not be subjugated to the pursuit for profit. The goal of the social and health services reform should be equal access to services.

No discrimination against sexual and gender minorities

People must have equal rights to family, relationships, safety and services from society regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ambitious and socially just climate policy

Global warming must be stopped at 1,5 degrees. The changes we need to make must be socially just.