In English

I work as a school psychologist and I’m a member of the city council in Helsinki. These are my political goals:

Fair schools preparing students equally for life

Schools should be safe spaces that prepare children for adult life. We should give children and young people an equal chance for education regardless of their background, home language, health, gender or their ability to learn.

Appropriate and timely mental health support

There should be sufficient mental health services and the access to them should be easy and quick. The societal position of persons with mental health problems should be strengthened.

Change of direction in the social and health reform

The goal of the social and health reform should be equal, good quality services that are easily available. Social and health services should in the future, too, be produced by the public sector.

No discrimination against LGBTQ

City services should treat people equally despite their gender, sexual orientation or type of family.

Responsibility towards environment and city nature

The environmental effects of decisions have to be taken into account. The forests that are important to the people of Helsinki must be preserved.